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News summary of the village Kluwan

The author tries to take a variety of news about the village Kluwan and news about the district-Purwodadi Grobogan ... (News taken from various sources ... hopefully useful to readers ...). If there are entries tell criticism and suggestions. Matur nuwun ...

Vs Motor Trucks, 1 killed

GROBOGAN - Cahyo Wisdo Widagdo (17), residents Kronggen, Brati, Grobogan not found this old died as a result Honda H-3403-PF who dikendarainya truck collide with the H-9631-FF-Purwodadi Road in Pati, precisely in the Village Jangkungharjo District Brati . Genesis was started when a motorcycle race dikendarai victim's direction towards Grobogan Purwodadi. On the way graze pedestrian, so roll to the right and then hit the truck be steered Yuswanto (44), the Village Taruman District Brati. Victims have quite severe injuries in the head and hands. The local people to melarikannya RSU Purwodadi. However, in the way he died.

(Let Bupati 1500 Certificate)

GROBOGAN-Regent H. Agus Supriyanto 1500 SE submit certificates to residents in the village Plosorejo (District Tawangharjo), Village Sugihmanik (District Tanggungharjo), Village Kluwan District Penawangan, and hundreds of residents in several other villages. Certificates were given symbolically in the Central Village Plosorejo, Tuesday (17/2/2007)

Governor of Central Java meet Janjinya. (17/9/200
Gema sprout - Central Java Governor H. Bibit Waluyo, finally fulfill his promise, had spoken, the time to do wicara meeting with farmers Kuwaron Village, District Gubug, Grobogan regency, some time ago, after the harvest of rice in the village.
When the Governor H. Bibit Waluyo, said, in a time not too long, will see his side of the levee near the condition Lanang, located in the village Lajer District Penawangan, Grobogan district, now the situation is very apprehensive. Up to his promise, Governor H. Bibit Waluyo, which specifically diadamping Head of Central River Region Pemali Juwana Ir. Hartanto, Dipl, HL prompted to say levee Lanang problem is. Previous entourage that followed the Head Office / Related Institutions Level of Central Java Province, received the Regent Grobogan H. Bambang Pudjiono, SH location levee Lanang village Lajer District Penawangan, Thursday (11 / 9). Present in this event, the Agriculture and Plantation District Grobogan Ir. HM. Sumarsono, MSi and head of government offices related. In this opportunity, H. Bibit Waluyo, had a dialogue with the Head of Department / Institution of Central Java Province, officials Regency Grobogan and farmers. It is said that farmers around the dam area Lanang economic life is still concern. Indeed, it can be seen, most of the houses that they still do not seem feasible huni. Pity them, Lanang dam is to be corrected immediately, so that is able to irrigate rice farmers, and they can be harvested in accordance hope to raise living tarap farmers. Discussions work out, that after the dam Lanang later successfully repaired will be able to go to the field of 1800 Ha. This could be achieved if the supply channel Glapan-Sedadi require funds around Rp 4 Milyard, realized. Forward plans to build a channel Sidorejo left, swallow funds around Rp 130 billion. Irrigation infrastructure development plans can be realized if it is supported by the central government. Later back levee repairs Lanang, to irrigate rice farmers, using the dam water Kedungombo. Utilization can be realized, through the surrounding hills, to channel water from the dam to Kedungombo Lanang.

"I ask for prayer support and blessing to the people of District Grobogan, to plan and improve Bendug Lanang Channel Sidorejo immediately realized. I will always be a lobby and depertemen related to the coordination center to realize the plan. Without the support and assistance of Department / Institution this business only futile, "said Bibit Waluyo, short.

Grobogan Can Target Increased 115 Thousand Tons of Rice. (20/2/200
Grobogan, rice needs will continue to increase in line with the growing population, the other for the area of productive agricultural land tends to be on the wane every year, because of the transfer of functions. Along with the Program Improvement National Rice Production (P2BN) 2 million tons, District Grobogan get increased target of 115,000 tons of rice, equivalent to 179,699 tons of rice Gabah dry Giling. Head of Agriculture and Plantation District Grobogan Ir. Moch Marsono, MM said that when read off Regent Grobogan H. Bambang Pudjiono SH events in the harvest of rice in 2008 which took place in the village Kluwan District Penawangan, on Tuesday (19 / 2). Present in the event, the Head of Department / Related Institutions Grobogan District, and the invitation.
It is said that the target increase of 115,000 tons of rice does not light, as in its implementation must be supported with Technology, the facilities and adequate infrastructure, involving the elements and components outside the range of agriculture, so that adequate funding is needed. Meanwhile, Chairman of the farmers' groups Ngudi Luhur village Kluwan, Penawangan, Nur Kholis reported that his farming group that was founded on 20 August 2000 have garapan 87 ha of land, all using the certified seeds of rice varieties.
In supporting the government program Increased Rice Production National KT. Ngudi Luhur assistance have been the seed of 2050 kg of rice, and implement various activities and work with various parties.
(February 13, 2008) Tree Cemara Roboh, Three injured, one person Critical.

GROBOGAN-aged pine tree that grows a dozen years in the area roundabout Simpanglima Purwodadi sudden collapse Tuesday (12 / 2) at around 13:00 noon. Tumbangnya tree but also snarl traffic override three motorcyclist. As a result they have sores. Victims injured, Umiana (16) of Hamlet Need Village / District Pulokulon, Endang Setyowati (16) of the Village Kluwan District Penawangan, and Bambang Purjono (35) of Hamlet Sekaran Village Karangrejo District Grobogan. Umiana and Endang Setyowati, student class II IPS III MAN 1 Purwodadi, while Bambang Purjono, civil servants in the police station Grobogan. The three victims until yesterday still get intensive treatment in hospital Panti Rahayu Purwodadi. Endang''suffered wounds in the stomach and Bambang on the right foot. Umiana, the victim's most severe and have not sadarkan themselves because of injury in the back of the head,''said a doctor at the Tejo Bambang reporters yesterday.
It is said, the hospital eventually install a tool for Umiana a respiratory condition is still critical. Besides not sadarkan themselves, left ear girl occasionally fresh blood. Possible trees that fall directly to override his head to make young girls are experiencing trauma. However, the action can not be more that will be critical to the victim. Most likely, the operation will be waiting for approval of the family.

Roots fragile. Lukman (16), an eyewitness said tumbangnya tree accompanied rattle sound quite loud. At the time of the flow of traffic in the area Simpanglima looks solid. As a result, the tree fell three motorcyclist immediately become victims.
Suzuki Smash motorcycle K 6312 BP property Umiana even tergencet trees and damaged worse. Motor successfully drawn out after the Department of Hygiene and gardening (DKP) cut a fallen tree. One of the gardening staff of DKP Abdul Malik, said agencies have been anticipating the existence of an old tree with the cutting. Area roads R Suprapto, Gajahmada, Alun-alun, Simpanglima a roundabout and priorities. Perampingan and tree-cutting has been done ever since entering the rainy season some time ago. Explained, to the fallen tree has reached 12 meters in length with a diameter 40 cm. Suspected that the root of the tree make the tree topple weak in the middle of the road. Meanwhile, teachers MAN 1 Purwodadi Eko Suprapto said the students would get the natural home after filling petrol was in the area Road Gajahmada
(News taken from various sources ... hopefully useful to readers ...).


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