Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sexual Desire on Stage and in Real Life

Greg Williams is 45.He isn't just a good husband and dad best in the world for his three years, his daughter Lauren. He isn't like a normal hard-working father,especially because his work isn't at all ordinary.Greg is an actor,but his films are special.They are called - adult movies. Every morning when Greg packs his bag and go to work and star in a brand new film knows that he must give something extra in their pockets,to make sure that doesn't"no"in the workplace. That"something"is used to make his last sexual act on stage,wherever possible.

With a typical workday that lasts for more than 10 hours,Greg has to show his body more than two times in general. When facing the camera for more than four days a week becomes stressful as his body gets tired and his penis can't work well, of course. That is why he was forced to consult a specialist who advised him to start taking drugs. Since then, Greg has consumed more than a thousand of them because it is not a newcomer to the field. He says he was very embarrassed at first but then realized there is no other way to help the situation so used to the idea of the consumption of pills before the shooting.Today he says:"I do not think it is right to make fun of the fact that you must use pills when done.At the end of the day will come a time for everyone to start using them as is inevitable for men who cross the line 40 years.I'm not ashamed to admit I am dependent on the pill because they don't want to lose my job and just because I really need.I'm very open about my sexual problems and I can give advice on it as well as take it.It doesn't make me any worse than me".

For men who are in the field of adult films, it is important to keep fit and strong for as long as possible. The competition is great and then have to keep up with the young boys that do not begin to"impress"the world of cinema with their skills.Sex has become an essential tool for today's adult entertainment industry.Greg says he never planned to start using the pills to help her sex, but he had to do and now it doesn't regret. This is what it says:"As I take 100 mg. Giorno - is more than the average person would take, but I need more because of my profession. If I could keep my sex drive erectile drug-free I'd be a happy person. Days Today you see young boys looking for Viagra and think"Why do that?"It isn'ta more pill. It' more like a sexual experiment that helps you to have more faith ".


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