Sunday, December 27, 2009

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There are a lot lighter and faster antiviral supply. However Eset, Chrissie claims Maryanto (Marketing Director, PT Indonesia Prosperita Partner-Distributor), different "Proactive can detect a variety of challenges that have not known or new" Chrissie said. This is because Eset (Home Edition and Business Edition) built over the engine Threat Sense Technology Advanced Heuristics-based System.

According to Crissie, Eset antivirus which has twice the value as the Best Antivirus and now versioned 4 was the most mild and quick resources. Version 2.7 running on Windows 98 only need 10 MB of memory or an average of 33-38 MB for version 3. As for the version 4 antivirus Eset need 45MB of memory. If the add to the anti-spam feature, needs to 44MB (NOD32), or 48MB (Smart Security), "The amount of RAM is not affected. We've tested it on a computer pentium 3 with 256MB of RAM memory. Open Internet Explorer remains fast ", Add Yudi Kukuh (Technical Consultant)

Excess Eset antivirus version 4, among others, is IDS (intrusion detection system), the option Firewall (Disable / Enable), and a new mode Firewall (learning and automatic modes with exception). In addition, to facilitate admininstator, the remote server does not have to be installed on the server, but also in Notebook. Eset version 4 also includes the ability to turn off the USB port.

"Also make periodic reports automatically" Yudhi said about the product now supports SQL databases, Oracle, and MS SQL server. Any periodic reports that can be set, such as daily, weekly, monthly and based on the top disortinr client that was infected, top threat, the threat per day, and others.

Eset consists of 5 products, ie antivirus NOD32, Smart Security (NOD32 + Anti Spam + Personal Firewall), Mail security (Linux, BSD, MS Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino), security File (Linux / BSD and Microsoft), and Gateway Security (Linux / BSD). The end of this year will present Machintos_nya promised.

Visit . Eset home edition  US$39,99 per license dengan maksimal 4 seats (Tenang buat para penggila gratisan ada crack nya kok). Sedangkan versi business US$ 32,99 per license dengan minimal 5 seats ( Ini juga ada crack nya)
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