Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tora and Tukul show Film of Indonesia in the Czech Republic

London - Film drama comedy that actor Tora Sudiro, Arwana tukul and a note on the movie playback Film Indonesia held KBRI Prague.

Film titled Auto Romantic attract capable people of Indonesia for to much-present in the crowd KBRI Mini Cinema Prague, so Pensosbud KBRI Prague, Azis Nurwahyudi to the correspondent of London, Friday.

The telling of this time Tora Sudiro, Arwana tukul, Marsya Timothy, and Wulan Guritno present through the film, which produser Guntur Soeharjanto. Mini theaters that are on the side of the building KBRI Prague derisive laughter filled the Indonesian people who enjoy the various scenes in the film.

In addition to the Indonesian people, is also present some Czech citizens who are interested in the Indonesian culture. They also appear to enjoy the film and participate in occasional shriek with laughter.

According to Azis Nurwahyudi, the film is a mini movie theater in the routine event held by the Indonesian embassy Prague.

In addition to treat longing to country, screening is also an event also become a campaign event, which is always dinanti people of Indonesia to meet each other and with bersilaturahmi fellow citizens in the Czech Republic.

Although the winter air mengigit does not reduce the spirit of the community to see the film than consoled, longing community food will also terobati with meatball noodles dishes full of taste with no less delicious, was sold in the country. (U-ZG)


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