Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hamas leader in exile rejected Israel

BEIRUT, THURSDAY - Palestinian Hamas leader in exile rejected the conditions set by Israel to reach an agreement long-term cease-fire with militant groups this. Khaled Mashaal stressed the Hamas can not accept the condition that Israel will open a perbatasannya Gaza Strip with Hamas only after Israel freed a soldier who diringkus by Hamas militants in June 2006.

This objection Hamas Mashaal delivered via satellite impressions television Al-Jazeera's Doha, Qatar. Mashaal was in Qatar on a visit to the top thanks to the solidarity, the country is suffering Palestinian people in Gaza during the Israeli military attacks during the 22 days.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert emphasized Wednesday (28 / 1) that the border with Gaza "will only be opened on a permanent basis" after Hamas to free Sergeant Gilad Schalit. Meanwhile, Mashaal stressed the Hamas demanded the exemption of thousands of Palestinian citizens arrested in Israel for some prison exchanged with exemptions Schalit. Hamas has rejected the terms of the exemption Schalit back with a bid of the border.


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