Wednesday, January 28, 2009

FATWA MUI IN decline WARGA KUDUS "cigarettes HARAM"

Society Reject Holy Fatwa Haram Rokok
Sacred: People in the Holy District, Central Java, which represented a number of community organizations agreed reject illicit cigarettes Assembly Fatwa Ulama Indonesia, which will be announced on January 29 to come. The statement revealed in a press meet representatives from the community who joined in the Holy Cigarettes Company (PPRK), Forum of the Holy Cigarettes (FPRK), Association of Indonesian Cigarette Factory (Gappri), a number of universities in Kudus, NGOs, and the MUI Holy Saturday (17 / 1) at the Legislative Holy hall.

Chairman of the Legislative Asyrofi Holy Masytho, which is the pemprakarsa meeting, said Fatwa illicit cigarettes impressed by MUI imposed. In fact, smoking in the presence of the Holy there since 100 years ago. In fact, the Holy also become the embryo of a number of cigarette industry, until now the heart of the economic community in the Holy.

Therefore, the people in need to coordinate the Holy discourse Fatwa maram smoking, because very meresahkan. "People need to convey the Holy real conditions of the Holy, so that the MUI fatwa will not hurt many parties," he said. Moreover, the existence of the cigarette industry in the Holy also can not be separated from the state budget income in the cigarette tax revenues to reach Rp 50 trillion for the year 2009.

Added As `ad of representatives from the Holy SPSI said, smoking is also haram fatwa threatening 100 thousand employees in the cigarette industry. In addition, the fatwa is also threatening industrial sector as a supplier of paper for the cigarette industry, so that the number of workers who are threatened by increasing sektiar 150,000 employees.

"That amount of Regency Holy course. While cigarette companies category class in Indonesia is one of five companies in four areas, "he said. Among them, Djarum cigarette companies and in the Holy Nojorono, Surabaya in Sampoerna, Gudang Garam in Kediri, and Bentoel in Malang.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the MUI Holy, KH Syafiq Naschan, say, the determination of the legal parking is a problem ijtihadiyah (new issue), given at the time of Prophet Muhammad SAW does not have, so it does not have that base.


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