Saturday, September 12, 2009

Top News 100 in the world Parents rage at Hell Boys mum’s hol

Parents rage at Hell Boys mum’s hol

THE parents of lads attacked by the Hell Boys blasted their mum's £5,000 holiday last night.

The Sun revealed yesterday the 36-year-old mum is on a jolly funded by taxpayers over fears for her safety.
She was whisked away from her council house to an East Coast seaside resort after her two thug sons aged 12 and ten were arrested in April.

The dad of one of the tortured and beaten victims, aged nine and 11, fumed: "It makes me sick.
"Our taxes are going to funding her to have a holiday. It's ridiculous, a complete joke."
The mum, who has seven kids by three dads and has never had a job, lives it up every day at the resort with its own pool - just yards from a sandy beach.
She spends her days boozing and smoking.
The council in Doncaster, South Yorks, where she lived are footing the bill.
The mum did not even attend court last week when her sons admitted GBH with intent and sexually abusing their victims.
The dad of the 11-year-old left for dead after the attack said: "That woman is partly to blame for what happened - she raised those boys to be that way.
"The council should make her take responsibility not give her a free holiday."
The mum of another lad subjected to a similar attack, added: "I'm disgusted. What kind of message does this send out?"
The brothers, now in custody, will be sentenced in November.


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