Friday, January 30, 2009

Puzzles of the classic chicken or the egg first may be the first

Puzzles of the classic chicken or the egg first may be the first . Discovery of fossil dinosaurs nest in Canada. In a nest made 77 million years ago is still clearly visible set of five former egg.

"The characteristics are similar to the breeding bird nest," said Francois Therrein, one of the paleontolog from the Royal Tyrell Museum, Alberta, Canada. This means that the first dinosaurs to create nest eggs as a place to sit before the birds do. During this time, some experts still assume that the evolution of birds evolved from dinosaurs.

Diameter nest about the size of half a meter and seberat estimated 50 kilograms. In the former there are at least 12 body shell eggs that each measuring 12 centimeters long and neatly structured and lead to one point.

"Based on the form of a nest egg and, we believe these artificial nest caenagnathid or a small raptor, both equally meat eater and has a close relationship with the birds," said Darla Zelenetsky, other researchers from the University of Calgary, Canada.

Zelenetsky learn stored in Canada since Fossil Limited Calgary 1990. Previous fossil nest think he was made a beaked dinosaurs herbivora duck. However, after studying more carefully, it is known that the nest is most likely from the group theropoda which is the ancestor of birds.



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