Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ROAD Pantura Indonesia crying

Holy: the coast road north of Java (Pantura) throughout the region of Central Java Grobogan, Holy, Demak and severe damage. Damage to the road users and vulnerable road traffic accident. If the government does not immediately lend a hand, people worry more severe damage because of the rain still coming down.

Floods and heavy rain that occurred in Pandeglang also resulted in the exit Carita Beach severe damage. Actual road damage has occurred since December last year. Damage from the border to Labuan and Carita Carita-Anyer border.

The main road to the beach Carita has actually improved the local government. However, due to heavy rain and flooding, asphalt roads into exfoliate and worsened the number of trucks that travel the tour route. Damage to the road diprotes citizens with the opportunity to block the way.


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