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Tour To bledhug kuwu Grobogan Java Indonesia

bledhug kuwu
Community Grobogan Purwodadi familiar to the "bledhug kuwu", because the object has become Bledhug Kuwu natural attractions of interest in the area. Natural wonders of "plembungan endhut" that erupted (bledhug) with a voice loud enough bang this is true - really magical. Bledhug it does not break all time - he decided there land location approximately 40 Ha. Bledhug was a very large, even for some houses.

According to the story said, it happens bledhug caused daze Jake, son of Aji Saka, or King of the kingdom Medang Jake Kamulan.
At one point Jake tangible dazed dragon sent Aji Saka's or Jake King Cengkar kill Gods who has transfigured into a white crocodile enormous, as a condition to be recognized as a child. Jake daze off into the sea south of the Gods Cengkar reigns. He could not wait through the land, so he through the soil, the road by Jake daze finally changed to "land lendhut" Bledhug what happens is Jake's breath in a daze during the trip. So according to those beliefs, there is bledhug relationship with the southern sea.
The fact until now, water from bledhug it contains salt and mined by the surrounding residents as the salt mines taken from the bledhug water.
Next story daze Jake Aji Saka according to the story, is as follows: In the horoscope fiber Jayabaya (pp. 23 to 24) there is article mentions the departure of King Esaka in chapter V Piwulang god, which reads:
Jake was Professor anakipun sengkala Anggejali, so Goddess patutan Saka, King Sarkil ing Putranipun pulo Sengkolo Najran jumeneng Jake sareng nata, Sang Aji Saka jejuluk so jengkar Nga negaripun lajeng Jawi, wonten ing tanpo redi kandha (Kendeng?) Area of Banyuwangi jejuluk sengkala professor. Ing Surya Anuju Adam, in 5164, Chandra 5316, Professor titimangsa year sengkala macak ox: HUFF kaeteng year - sengkala I Warsa. Year Rum anuju warsa 444 numbers. Adam in Solar years warsa 5161. Year AD 78 jumenengan nata.
Aji Saka to Java with all four of his disciples. In Java land he founded the university in the west end. Then wander down to Galuh. Here students - students left behind, and he kept wandering to the east. He came to Medang Kamulan, where the King of the Gods Cengkar, the king who likes to eat people, reigns.
According fiber Sindula (Tripe Pajajaran, script clerk) Kamulan Medang country ruled by a king who likes to eat giant man, named Prabu Dewata Cengkar. As a result of the king caused the people to be very difficult, because every day should be able to give a man a meal. Prabu Dewata Cengkar was the son of King Sindula, Wisnu incarnation into the world in Galuh country. Prabu Dewata Cengkar rebel to her father, King defeated and Moscow Sidula Gods Cengkar replace his father as king Galuh. Kingdom moved to Medang Kamulan.
Meanwhile in Aji Saka odyssey came to the State's Medang Kamulan. Aji Saka came to the house sengkeran widow, a widow in Medang Kamulan meek. There, as a teacher (Brahmana) he's a lot to teach humanities, science and science incarnation of religion. Sengkeran widow of the story is known that the country was hit by Kamulan Medang big trouble, because the behavior of the Gods Cengkar king who likes to eat humans. As a Brahmin Aji Saka Medang want to release people from the misery that. So he asked the widow to her Sengkeran Prabu Dewata haturkan to Cengkar to be his meal. Aji Saka because it will not be impeded by the widow sengkeran, finally Aji Saka King of the Gods dihaturkan to Cengkar to be his meal.
In the presence of King of the Gods Cengkar, Aji Saka said to eat the original Majesty may grant a request, the requested land as a cloth headband. The King did not object to the grant application.
.... Pan apurun Dados dhaharing The Nata, nanging dharber prajanji nuwun medhang earth, sawijare kang dhestar, dhen suwun sumiyeh earth, yen semonggo sampun without karso aji. Fiber (Sindula: 17) Thus the request is granted, Aji Saka. Headband (Tie Head) demanded by the king of the Gods Cengkar, then cast (dijereng), was a cloth headband that covered the entire region because of lost Kamulan Medang promise, the King of the Gods Cengkar and loyal troops who were expelled from the State Medang great war occurred, and King of the Gods Cengkar cornered in the south sea coast, he finally plunged into the sea, and turned into a white crocodile that ruled the southern ocean.
Dyan cengkar false gods Current, long-white-aged wis dadi ing taxable papa, ceritane kang ka rama gengiro giri - giri, lir endra kagila Suta - ngajrihi crazy. (Ibit: 18).
In the sea south of the Gods Cengkar establish the kingdom of man. Elephant named Duke Patihnya Mina: Regent Ki Tumenggung Mamprang: soldier: Haryo Lodan, saradulo Ronggo demang Wikridipo: Ki Pandelengan mina: Santono Tumenggung Mamprang, Harya Kaluyu, Raden Saradula; Wikridipo Demat: Pandelegan Ki Mina: Mamprang Tumenggung meal there are only two kings of South Queen and King Dewata Cengkar. Both of them fought each other and influence each other's want power.
So after losing Cengkar gods and become a white alligator, Aji Saka was appointed king Medhang Kamulan with Jake or Master degree Lodang Widayaka, or King Aji Saka.
After becoming king, Aji Saka will remember two servant children who left the island Mejati, namely Ki and Ki Samboda Dora. Then sent another servant to summon the servant's. Who come are Ki Ki Samboda Dora was still waiting on the island of Majeti Aji Saka heritage as a message that had been abandoned by Aji Saka. Seeing this reality, the Dora Ki Ki told to call back with kris Samboda inheritance once. But already the second time that the servant did not return. So Aji Saka decided Ki Ki Prayuga Duga and Majeti Island. Two Prayuga arrived on the island found that Majeti Dora and Ki Ki Samboda been caught dead together. Seeing the situation both been fighting and dying sampyuh.
Ing kepanggih Island was Mejati Nora Dora Samboda inulatan, kepanggih die karone ANACARAKA lampus, labet DATASAWALA sami, PADHAJAYANYA sakti, sakti sareng lamus, MANGGABATANGA hell, sandagane karone magsih sinanding, tribal pepet pengkal Clark. (Ibit: 21) saw the death of Dora Samboda, Duga Prayoga immediately returned to Medang Kamulan, set the check to the King Jake. Jake King received the report actually very sad because he is guilty. To commemorate the occasion, King Jake told CARAKA JAVA consisting of four sentences (the Messenger of four people) and each - each line consisting of 2 letters Nglegena (event about five people so CARAKA JAVA numbered twenty men, emissary of Java that can live and useful for human life must disandangi with tribes, wulu, chakra, lizards, pengkal, taling, taling fight, the screen and so on.'s letter that there are some who died when the lap
Composition of Java's emissary is:



Caraka Java is compiled based on the older youth literature, namely "literary sarimbagi password", when combined with vowels: I, o, u, e, e be numbered 25 pieces and then added the pengkal, chakra, keret, lizards and a number of wignyan 30 fruits. Complete Java can have a way of life and human life on earth.
With these works indicate that Aji Saka was a Brahmin who wig, skilled in all sciences and inner and outer ngilmu. Although already a king, Aji Saka still pull through old pleasures, which went quiet, woods and meditate on the sacred mountain.
On a day Aji Saka was alone in the woods he saw a dragon which was meditated in a cave. Aji Saka hot heart, he killed the snake after it was dead dragon voice.
Taami ulo Sikaara mateni, rotten Tembe Saka King anggabung kelanange poets gone muskha sampun (Ibit: 44).
The sound comes from the spirits of dead dragon's. And curses the snake will become a reality. One day later Aji Saka to become a reality. On a day to see Aji Saka Nyai Sengkeran Widow. In the past when he came first in the country he knows Kamulan Medang Nyai widow had a daughter who's beautiful daughter is now grown up children properly is called Retno Dewi Rarasati. When he reached the widow's house he saw Retno Dewi Rarasati was to pound rice. The fabric is opened up and be seen a smooth thighs. see it fall lust Aji Saka. He did not resist his love is his semen fell to the earth at that time happened to have a chicken and white kate SIMBAR Nyi's widow pomegranate. Semen was eaten and then go on the other hand saw Rarasati Dewi Retno Aji Saka as taxable gendam and fell in love lust affair intolerable, then fell in love noktahnya. Insatiable lust affair noktahnya then fell to earth. Dots Itupun kate eaten by the chickens.
The will of the Gods can not be denied. Egg-laying chicken and grain. King Aji Saka was embarrassed by these events, this is the revenge of dead serpent in the egg then kill him take singing widow and placed in padaringan. Weird, rice in padaringan not finished - although every day out his rice taken even multiply. Then the eggs were transferred kelumbung place to store rice. By mow the eggs hatch into a snake, a very big dragon, Nyi widow Sengkeran very afraid of the snake and then he ran to face the grand vizier to report the incident. Wherever Nyi widow went always followed by the dragon. Finally came kehadapan meek terngger. Ki Patih very afrid of the snake is more surprising that the snake was able to speak like humans.
Gumuyu poets like, foot grand vizier tho lan ojo wedi podha Payo guard, Mengko suntutur rumiyen, Ki patih langkung ajrih, gumeter nggennyo alungguh, ngucap nervous agreragapan. Tik saka what siriki, without Sangkan sumabur ponang poet. Tata creature can ngucap. Kulo niki patih feet, arsa sowan ing Medang Kanjeng Srinarapati Rama. Ki Dipati marijrih, wus sarep ing penggalih (sindula fiber: 46).
Hearing the words of the snake that can talk - such as human conversation Ki Patih no longer. So he reported the matter to the King Jake. Receiving the report, the king was embarrassed. He remembered the events of the past with Retno Dewi Rarasati. That fact must be faced and accepted. Finally he said, that the report he received and the snake was a snake named Jake dazed or confused. King acknowledged as his son Jake dazed condition can kill the main ora, namely Cengkar Gods, which now has turned into a white crocodile reigns in the southern ocean. Jake menyanggupinya daze. So he left for the southern sea. The road passes a flat, so he went into the earth, and come back to the southern ocean.
Kamargen ingkang Pan gaps waradin nadyan wiradin, kasuwen ambeles mangidul, lebul telengin samudro. [Ibit; 48]
In the southern ocean, he met with Queen Wind (Queen of the South) who was hit by sadness, because people are getting a great disturbance of the people Dewata Cengkar white alligator. Knowing the arrival of Jake daze Cengkar to kill gods, the Queen of the South is very pleased his heart. Even if he promised if dazed Cengkar can kill gods, he shall serve him. King made the South, although for a while, she will be mated with her son-in-law: Retno Blorong, in fact Jake Cengkar can kill Gods and Goddess of Winds Wind promise fulfilled (Ranggawarsito; Witorotyo 111, 1992, 122 -12).
After some time in the Southern Seas, Jake daze to the Queen asking permission to return to South Kamulan Medang. His wife left for him by Retno Blorong to Medang Kamulan.
He pointed to the west, through the Ocean, into the ground, arose again on the ground pasundan. Sign in to land again arose in Central Java in Java that is why many find the source of water containing salt (Bleng), because the source is Jake petilasan these daze. In his journey continued to the east through the underground and emerged back into the village of Demak Walak. Log into the ground again and reappeared in Grobogan and stopped at the marsh - salt marsh.
Medal pupil ambles pratala ri jalat weruh benggang jebul ngardi nenggih in Pasundan milo kuto puniko sak ing ing land Bleng ox, the dazed patilasan Ngudi niro altered milo jebul Majin earth Demak, wala wastaniki ing, ambles altered pantala ing, ing anjebol Grobogan Ngumpak ing lami . (Sindula: 52).
From Ngembak (Wetlands - swamps?) Jake daze proceeded to Banyuwangi, continues to Jana Cerewek, the Banjar, Dikil. At Teak, Jake dazed sleep, there upasnya fall. The place was falling policeman then called the Village Gasak. Here and there "Bleduk Upas" that can not be eaten. Dazed Jake proceeded to Kuwu. Here a little longer. From this Kuwu daze came to Jake King Jake in Medang Kamulan since he was accepted as the Son of King Jake. By Jake King, Jake dazed Crown Prince was appointed to the title King Anom Wulung Tunggul daze. Duchy Palace and then moved to the Village Kesanga. Retno Blorong his wife were stationed in the village of Grobogan Ngembak, Kana Medang region. Kedaton Kesanga also called Kedaton Duchy, Tumenggungan, or Kranggan Kariyan Panggabean. Some time the Duke Anom Tunggul Wulung then go meditated in Tunggul Wulung Kesanga.


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