Wednesday, January 28, 2009

MUI fatwa in SAMARINDA, smoking Haram Or Makruh The people

MUI: Smoking Haram Or Makruh The Faith community
Samarinda (News) - polemic about the fatwa said cigarette Ulama Chairman of the Assembly of Indonesia (MUI) samarinda, KH. Zaini Naim does not need to debate.
"Problems of cigarettes or illicit makruh does not need to debate. The confidence humankind, if the cigarette is forbidden please, but if there is a legal makruh believes that their rights, "said KH. Zaini Naim confirmed on Wednesday.
KH. Zaini Naim as the Commission also recognizes the MUI fatwa, the problem is the issue of cigarette khilafiah so that scholars must ask opinions.
"Because at the time of the prophet not have a cigarette, and explicitly in the Qur'an is also not strictly regulated, so the problem as khilafiah should ask MUI opinion," he said.
"According to me, if not found proof of the common law must be specifically sought. However, the decision will be haram, or fatwa cigarette makruh will be discussed at the meeting MUI se-Indonesia, which will be held in Padang, "said Chairman of MUI Samarinda.
Described, based on the legal smoking forbidden terindikasi the meaning of paragraph zhahir Qur'an and As-Sunah and i `Tibar (logic) benarsesuai the Word of God," And do not throw yourself in the destruction. "(Al-Baqarah: 195).
"The meaning of the verse implies, smoking habits, including a fling themselves into the destruction so that if the reference to the paragraph, the parking can be categorized as an unlawful act," augment him.
"Meanwhile, As-proof Sunah shahih according to Hadith of the Prophet, that he forbade dissipate wealth with mengalokasikannya to matters that are not useful. Purchase of cigarettes by some scholars, including the allocation of the property that is not helpful, "said Naim K. Zaini.
Evidence other information MUI Chairman of Samarinda, the word of the Prophet, "Can not (cause) a danger and should not be too dangerous to other people." (Ibn Majah from HR. book Al-Ahkam 2340).
"However, there is still some kyia think that smoking is legal makruh. Some scholars consider that the more people that smoking is smelly mouth dreadful that the people so that his smoking as makruh acts, "he said.
Meanwhile, one of Samarinda, Syafri confess, will not be affected MUI fatwa on cigarettes.
"Whatever decision MUI, for me smoking is a habit that I can not leave the board. Sepengetahuan me, the problem of cigarette not set explicitly in the Qur'an and the Prophet hadist, so the less I like it if difatwakan illicit cigarettes, "he said.
Agus other residents, said, smoking is a habit that the act is commonly made public, so that if it was said he should be banned, the cigarette companies must be stopped.
"Rokoknya that must be removed or at least as limited sales miras sold in certain places only. Although prohibited, but still sold freely, they will not be effective, "said Agus.


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