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Tour To Prambanan Temple In Indonesia

Prambanan Temple In Indonesia
One of many histories and in olden times in Indonesia is the temple. The location of Prambanan temple is the edge of Sleman and Klaten, it is Karangasem, Bokoharjo village, Prambanan, Sleman, exclusive territory of Yogyakarta. We can there through road of Yogya – Solo eastern, at the 16th kilometer. The main temple of Prambanan is directed to the east, so we will enter through the east.

Prambanan temple is divided by center of 3 yards. The first yard is surrounded of 330 meters x 330 meters fence. The second yard has wall 220 m x 220 m surrounding. And the center of yard as the third yard is 110 m x 110 m. The three of yard is connected by gapura (gate) as the direction.
In the first yard, there is no building, but in the second yard has 224 Perwara temples and are arranged became four rows. Entering in the center we will find 16 building of temples. Shiva temple is the highest and between Brahma temple the southern and Vishnu temple the northern. In front of Shiva there are three temples Nandi temple, A temple and B temple. In this yard there are two Apit temples, four Kelir temples (each is at the gate) and four corner temples.

Shiva Temple
It is biggest temple in Prambanan. The building of temple is divided by three; foot, body and roof vertically. Leg symbolizes bottom world, the place for common people. Body symbolizes when people leave the world, and roof is place for Gods. Whole parts of Prambanan symbolize the replica of Mahameru Mountain. This side is described by the existence of Gods that guard all directions. As the main temple Shiva has eastern main door. On the right left side are Nandiswara and Mahakala statue as the Gods of the entering door. An interesting ornament on the temple’s leg is Lion stays between Kalpataru tree or life tree with heaven creatures Kinara and Kinari and also the ornament of heaven creatures and plants.
After entering the stairs, visitors should go around to the left surrounding the temple to see some relieves and follow the story of Ramayana. Shiva temple has four rooms and each has Shiva statue (eastern room), Agastya statue (southern room), Ganesha statue (western room) and Purgamahisasuramardhini (northern room). The roof of temple has Ratna/Permata ornament. The high of Shiva is 47 meters, length 34 meters and width 34 meters.

Brahma Temple

It is the southern of Shiva temple, smaller than Shiva 20 meters x 20 meters, 33 meters high. It only has one entering stairs on the east and a room with Brahma statue inside. After entering the stairs, go to the left and then the story of Ramayana can be followed. Outside of the temple’s leg has relief figure of sitting monk. Then from the body figure out of monk between other monks which are standing.

Vishnu Temple
It is on the north of Shiva temple. The size is similar to Brahma 20 meters x 20 meters and 33 meters high. It has only a stairs on the eastern and a room with statue of Vishnu. We will follow the story of Krisnayana. Outside of the temple’s leg there are ornaments that figure out Lokapala Gods in the various attitudes.

Nandi Temple

It is directed to the west which 15 meters x 15 meters and 27 meters high. It has a room with Nandi statue inside.

Temple A and Temple B

Both of these temples are in the front of Vishnu temple and Brahma temple. It has assumption that Temple A is an eagle temple and temple B is a swan temple, although there is not found some statues in its room. The size of each is 13 meters x 13 meters and 22 meters high.

Apit Temple

Both of these temples have function to pinch the two of the temples row and each has six meters x six meters, 16 meters high. Lion statue is the most interesting ornament on the left and right side of the entrance door.

Kelir Temple

There four Kelir temples and each are in front of the entrance door. It is 1.55 m x 1.55 m, 4.10 m high. Symbolize to avoid of warding off misfortune.

Sudut Temple

There are four and each of them on the corner of central yard. It is 1.55 m x 1.55 m and 4.10 m high. The special of this temple is without entrance stairs.

The History

Based on the Gods statue and its relief, it can be described that Prambanan temple area is a place for worship of Hindus. An inscription can be connected to the Prambanan temples is Siwagrha inscription (778 BC / 856). It describes of declaration the holly place for the Gods of Shiva. And then King Jatiningrat (Rakai Pikatan) had to fight against Balaputra, and after won then he gave the authority to Dyah Pitaloka (Rakai Pikatan : 851-882). In that inscription is explained detail about Hindus holly building area also explained Dwarapala the unity of temples, and the changing of river flow on the side of temples.
Getting clearer after finding short letters with white point, black and red one which is explained name of “Pikatan” on the stone of temples.


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