Saturday, January 31, 2009

Make a Blog can Make Money

There are things that make the spirit of the Blogger, to make a Blog can make money.If through google adsense that rule our world is still just a list of aliases in the decline has not been in receipt, in Indonesian many site-site can generate money. We do list, coppy code, post in the blog, the contents of our bank account, click on the readers, check rek. bank, add-in and add. want to try? come on...

What is certain is that the PPC, so we will be able to pay if there is a click on the ads that we install in our blog, would like to click on their own? I do not ... the name is not casual, but may also seem (home does not come to light ... ha ha ha ...).

PPC list Made in Indonesia:
Hopefully, the owners made in indonesian PPC over the successful and professional, because imbasnya will also feel for us-we, and the info that PPC indonesian above, has not been able to approve or not installed at except for, not clear also why.
For what that is what the advertising and from them, may be able to add less then of their service, or indeed provide for the satisfaction of our advertisers and as publiser, with a review of the service site.
Congratulations to try ...


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