Saturday, November 7, 2009

New fashion of skating with Freeline Skates

New fashion of skating with Freeline Skates
Want to improve your vestibular apparatus? Freeline Skates is a good idea for all skateboard aficionados or roller skaters. Designed in San Francisco, Freeline Skates appear to be dual isolated slates to include elements of skate boarding, snow boarding and surfing.

They do not look like roller skates as they are not connected to the skater’s feet. No matter what kind of skater you are, you will enjoy a new skating experience and get some fresh skating skills. Freeline Skates boast perfect traction on the roads, whether you ride on the flat road or on uphill area making it highly maneuverable.

Riding Freeline Skates, you can be a new tricks setter or find yourself being on the go. As you could understand, you will be able to ride Freeline Skates in the same manner as surfing or snow board riding. Freeline Skates riders will be capable of changing their direction by altering their weight from heel to toe position, making them running smoothly and beautifully.

Freeline Skates are constructed from aluminum, so they are light weight skates. If you are an enthusiastic boarder, these skates seem to have been dreamt up special for you. Besides, each skate includes 2 72M polyurethane wheels as well as ABEC 5 bearings. It is unbelievable but these skates are capable to withstand a maximum of 3 000 lbs of downward force.

These miraculous Freeline Skates measures 19 x 18 x 18cm and can be ridden by both first timers and professional riders. Whether you want to ride uphill or downhill, these skates are advised to be used by riders aged 12 years old. Freeline Skates are ultra portable and undoubtedly can bring you a lot of fun. Dry land practicing is now possible for every surfer or snowboarder, so Freeline Skates turns out to have broadened skating horizon.


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