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Hazard-free sex (Free Sex Danger)

Shout bertalu-talu arising from a young age .. Lengkingan then followed the sound of young girls cry with the voice .. Overall demand with one voice and demand the same: "Where is happiness and joy? Where is the quiet calm of the soul and resolve it? "We brought struck down by grief and heartsick .. Unsound sleep caused by the many sins that wrap palate our hearts. We are surrounded by a fervent lust, and the display-screen TV membangkitakn our stimulus sex .. Setitik while remaining faith in our hearts to call you .. Help us!
Ukhti Muslimah! We live in the era where the number of diverse information. Duniapun voice of materials that meet the places of entertainment and fun .. Dissociate happiness and misery approach.
In the middle of the ocean with waves of violent defeat of a Muslim are afraid of the scandal caused by the spread himself Syubuhat (poor things) the number of lust and carnality.
Rasulullah SAW said:

((إن بين أيديكم فتنا كقطع الليل المظلم, يصبح الرجل فيها مؤمنا, ويمسي كافرا, ويمسي مؤمنا ويصبح كافرا))

"Sesunggunya in front of you will be many nights like slander darkness, Mu'min be someone in the morning and disbelieve in the afternoon, a Mu'min in the afternoon and disbelieve in the morning." [HR Abu Daud]

Because of the desire of the high heaven of the heavens and the earth and because of fear slipped in kubang destruction, then teguklah the clear river water and emit light from the word of God and His Messenger sabda SAW, it will eliminate cruelty, release cengkraman devils and tear the curtains up by maksiat. Rahmat-Allah Azza wa Jalla-menggapaimu will menyelamatkanmu of punishment for the grievous and menjagamu from falling into one of the doors in between the gates of destruction and havoc.

Ukhti Muslimah! Among the biggest danger threatening the Muslim woman is the influence of sex and lust lust opening the doors in front and in gapaian them. Caused by the beginning of the beginning-which is considered unimportant, but it can menggelincirkannya into the forbidden act of adultery.

Faith-Rahimahullah-Ahmad said: "I do not know after the sin of suicide than fornication."

Allah Azza wa Jalla-Allah and His Messenger has forbid fornication kejinya because of this act and jeleknya facilities pengantarnya. Allah Azza wa Jalla, near the facilities and prohibits adultery because it is the step before beginning to sink in it. Allah Ta'ala said:

) ولا تقربوا الزنى إنه كان فاحشة وساء سبيلا (

"Do not approach adultery, for adultery is an act of indecency. And a road that bad. "(QS Al-Isra ': 32)

Including the sin of fornication big syirik and after the murder, and including .... , Villainy and destroy the evil of death. Rasulullah SAW said:

((ما من ذنب بعد الشرك أعظم عند الله من نطفة وضعها رجل في رحم لا يحل له))

"It is a sin after syirik greater with Allah's setetes sperm placed in the womb of a man who does not Permitted for him."

In hadith Muttafaqun 'Alaihi:

((لايزني الزاني حين يزني وهو مؤمن))

"It is a penzina when adultery, while he believed."

Keharamannya dipertegas again by Allah Azza wa Jalla, in his words:

) والذين لا يدعون مع الله إلها ءاخر ولا يقتلون النفس التي حرم الله إلا بالحق ولا يزنون ومن يفعل ذلك يلق أثاما يضاعف له العذاب يوم القيامة ويخلد فيه مهانا إلا من تاب وءامن وعمل عملا صالحا فأولئك يبدل الله سيئاتهم حسنات وكان الله غفورا رحيما (

"And those who do not worship other gods with Allah, and does not kill the soul which Allah forbidden (to kill him) except the (reason) is not true, and adultery, he is doing so, he would get (the sin of reckoning (it) ( ie) will be doubled for adzab on the Day of Resurrection, and he will abide in adzab that, in circumstances offended. Except those who repent, believe and charity sholeh; the crimes they replaced God with good deeds. And Allah is Forgiving humane. "(QS Al-Furqon: 68-70)

In this verse Allah Azza wa Jalla-unite with fornication act syirik and suicide, and the punishment of all kekalan in the form of punishment in the folded-fold. During a servant not take it as repentance, faith and charity sholeh.

Allah Azza wa Jalla-fortune and safety requires a servant to keep the privates in order not to slip on fornication. And there is no way to salvation except with the leave. Allah Azza wa Jalla, said:

قد أفلح المؤمنون) (- إلى قوله -) والذين هم لفروجهم حافظون إلا على أزواجهم أو ما ملكت أيمانهم فإنهم غير ملومين (

"Indeed, are those who believe-to-verse And those who keep kemaluannya, except for their wives or their slaves, so they are in this case there is no blame." (QS Al-Mu'minun: 1-6)

Ukhti Muslimah! Adultery is the humiliation that will be a magnificent building, a high bow, a black face and white oral eliminate sharp. And the humiliation is the most capable throw clothes honor extent anyway. And also the black dirt that befall a family when, it will cover the wordiness-white sheets of their lives and views matapun not see anything except the black and ugly.

Zina punishment
Allah SWT specialized fornication with three penalties:

1. Killed with a form of punishment that is ugly and hard.

2. God forbid his servants feel pity and compassion to the adultery.

3. God ordered that the punishment is to be witnessed by the mu'minin, and was made to be more to the purpose and wisdom ditegakkannya this punishment.

The punishment in the world, is to uphold the punishment for adultery of both men and women who are already married with a rajam throw stones to die so that all members of the body to feel the punishment as punishment for both. Both were thrown to the stone as a picture that they had destroyed a house, they desist using the stones from the building they had destroyed it. If they have not him, then they dicambuk as much as 100 times with a stroke the most hard and be expelled from their countries for a year.

Among the penalties, such as adultery is what the Prophet SAW disabdakan:

((تفتح أبواب السماء نصف الليل فينادي مناد: هل من داع فيستجاب له? هل من سائل فيعطى? هل من مكروب فيفرج عنه? فلا يبقى مسلم يدعو بدعوة إلا استجاب الله له إلا زانية تسعى بفرجها))

"Doors of Paradise-door will be opened in mid-night ago, and there is a call:" Are those who invoke application granted ago? Are people who ask ago demand met? Is the person who struck down that ugly ago exempt from? But no one muslimpun that apply with an application unless granted by God, except for women who sell penzina honor. "[HR Ahmad and Tabarani with sanad hasan]

And as a result of the spread of fornication is a despicable occurrence of various diseases, as that in the hadith:

((لم تظهر الفاحشة في قوم حتى يعلنوا بها إلا فشى فيهم الطاعون والأوجاع التي لم تكن مضت في أسلافهم الذين مضوا))

"It does not seem an act fahisah (adultery) in a folk until they mengumumkannya except they will be overwritten disease and other diseases which have never been there on those before them." [HR Ibn Majah]

And it can now be witnessed in this the people who leave and to allow this dirty deed.

Abdullah bin Mas'ud said: "It does not seem a usury and adultery in a country except Allah will destroy them."

And as a result of fornication this is what the Prophet SAW disabdakan in Ru'yah hadith:

((... فانطلقنا إلى ثقب مثل التنور أعلاه ضيق وأسفله واسع يتوقد نارا, فإذا اقترب ارتفعوا حتى كاد أن يخرجوا فإذا خمدت رجعوا فيها, وفيها رجال ونساء عراة فقلت من هؤلاء? قالا لي: هؤلاء هم الزناة والزواني)) وجاء في الحديث أيضا: ( (أن من زنى بامرأة كان عليه وعليها في القبر نصف عذاب هذه الأمة))

"Then go to a kamipun holes, such as a fireplace and one narrow subordinates knowledgeable ago switched fire. If they will draw up until they almost terlempar out, and when they apinya dimmed back down. Inside there is a group of men and women who are naked, then I ask: "Who are they? Both said: "They are fitter adultery, men and women." And in there is also a hadith: "Verily, a man-grandfather of adultery with a woman, then for both in the tomb will be tortured half of this ordeal."

Among the penalties adultery is collecting all types of perpetrators ugliness such as lack of religion, does not have Wara '(business to avoid sin), does not have a well-mannered, does not have ghirah (jealousy). So we will not find one that has penzina Wara ', fulfill the promise, in the words of honesty, maintaining ties of friendship and does not have a full ghirah against his family.

In between is the result of adultery: a black face and dark, dark heart of the light is missing, the soul full of sadness, kegundahan, and far from the tranquility. Age is short, and revoked the blessing of poverty will menimpanya. In one of atsar mentioned:

(إن الله مهلك الطغاة ومفقر الزناة)

"Allah destroy the thaghut and menfakirkan the perpetrators of adultery."

Among other consequences of adultery are perpetrators no longer holds a good reputation as a noble people, people of the good and the fair, will bear the name of the person as ugly and wicked, penzina and as a traitor. Eeriness which includes face, narrow and heart disease that he suffered.

And among the most natural result is a large Su'ul Khotimah (end of life is ugly). Ibnul Qoyyim said:

"When you see the most people who dzakaratul death, then you will see the obstruction between him and Husnul Khotimah, as a result of the ugly deeds that they do."

Ukhti Muslimah! Be careful! Do not presume to do maksiat both small and large. Arab women Jahiliyah very first hate redha adultery and does not override the sovereign people. When the Prophet SAW membaiat them not to make God with nothing, not stealing and not adultery. Hindun bint 'Utbah said the full wonder: "Is there an independent woman who adultery O Prophet!

In one of the Arab pribahasa said: "A woman died and free meals from the business does not sell themselves"

Ukhti Muslimah! Remember! Melihatmu that God, do not violate his command and to sink in what he murkai.

Road safety

Ukhti Muslimah! May God menjagamu and you with godly! Laluilah road safety! Arise from your sleep! Jauhilah what can menggiringmu to the destruction and to a humiliation. Among the road safety is as follows:

1. Not be a pair with two-men who are not muhrim forever, whether at home, in cars, in shops, and so on. Be a people who obey Allah Azza wa Jalla-Allah and His Messenger. So do not easily violate the command of both. Rasulullah SAW said:

((ما خلا رجل بامرأة إلا كان الشيطان ثالثهما))

"It is a man-be a pair of two with a woman except the third is the devil."

2. Not too often go out to a market and the ability to worship God with a stay at home, by following the commands of Allah Azza wa-Jalla-:

وقرن في بيوتكن) (

"And stay in your homes" (QSAl-Ahzab: 33)

Abdullah Ibn Mas'ud said:

(ما قربت المرأة إلى الله بأعظم من قعودها في بيتها)

"There is no taqorub a woman of God than to stay at home."

And when out together, let muhrimmu or woman who can be trusted from the family. And do not degrade the sound and soft berlemah in bertutur words with the seller. Not what you some loss of rupiah in losses overwrite your religion. Naudzu Billah.

3. Avoid Tabarruj (titivate themselves with make-up) and Sufur (not close the genitals), when out of the house, because it causes scandal and attract attention. Rasulullah SAW said:

((صنفان من أهل النار)) وذكر منهما ((نساء كاسيات عاريات مائلات مميلات ..))

"There are two groups of the Fire-and mentioned one of them women dressed but naked and run awry while berlenggak-swing."

And clothing that is the most recommended ' `aba abaya or a simple (thin black clothes that cover the entire body), meutup both hands and feet, and does not use the veil (which appeared only the second eye, but it should cover the entire face including the second eye) and avoid the use of perfume. Let your model Ummahatul Mu'minin and Shohabiyat (the women of the Messenger), when they went out like a crane wearing black clothes, no nothing of their bodies.

4. Avoid O Ukhti Muslimah read magazines and watch the damage the film forno, because that will inspire lust and sex despicable acts with disdain as "love and friendship" and appeared as fornication with "the love relationship between a mature man - men and women. " Do not destroy your house, your heart and akalmu relations with the forbidden.

5. Allah Azza wa Jalla, said:

) ومن الناس من يشتري لهو الحديث ليضل عن سبيل الله بغير علم ويتخذها هزوا أولئك لهم عذاب مهين (

"And among men (a) the person whose words are not useful to mislead (men) from Allah's way without the knowledge and the way that God-teasing fun. They will have a humiliating adzab. "(QS Lukman: 6)

So listen to Avoid songs and music, with the rebound hiasilah pendengaranmu verses of holy Al-Qur'an, rutinlah read dzikir and istighfar, perbanyaklah dzikrul death (remember the dead) and Muhasabtun individual (self-evaluation). Know that when you maksiat Allah Azza wa Jalla-lo-maksiat to you with his grace which he gave to you, so be careful not to favor it pulled away from you.

6. Takutlah to the Most High, the Almighty and Most Knowing what is hidden. This fear is the most high dismiss someone from the act maksiat. Assume that when you slip on seperseribu fornication. So what if it was ever known by your fathers, your mother, brothers, husbands or kerabatmu? In view of their focus and when you die you are as an unchaste? Naudzu Billahi min Dzalik.

7. Let you have a friend who sholehah help and assist you, because the man is weak while the devil is ready menerkamnya anywhere. Avoid the ugly friend, because he will come to you like a thief entering a search for the opportunity to hide it on the menggelincirkanmu something forbidden. Remember uncle prophet SAW, it is an old man and have the intellect straight, but nonetheless, because of the ugly friend that Abu Jahal present to them died when he became the causes of death in circumstances syirik.

8. Perbanyaklah pray, as the prophet of this includes people who always read the prayers and many istighfar.

9. Do not be a time that elapsed unless you read the Al-Koran. Berusahalah memorize what is easy from the Al-Koran. If you have a high spirit and join the group Tahfidzul Koran special women, because if you are not busy with devotion and worship and he will be busy by kebatilan.

10. Indeed, what you find in relationships that forbidden to meet the time or feel affection on the bottom is the result of spiritual emptiness and narrow chest and heart that comes from someone away from the worship and obey. Allah Azza wa Jalla, said:

) ومن أعرض عن ذكري فإن له معيشة ضنكا (

"And whosoever turns away from my warning, then for a narrow life." (QS Thaha: 124)

11. Remember that you will leave this world with a score-sheet that you write all day-to-day life of you, when lembara-sheet is filled with devotion and worship, so cheer up. And vice versa when they flee repent before death. Because the Day of Resurrection is the day regret. He said:

وأنذرهم يوم الحسرة) (

"And give them a warning about the day regret." (QS Maryam: 39)

Dibukanya the Day (of all things hidden) and a sheet of fly-sheets. Day in which a mother is breastfeeding her son forget that he is being susui. Remember O Ukhti Muslimah! days in which you lie in the tomb alone.

12. Ukhti Muslimah! The phone has been upon many women, do not be one of them. If you are tested by a wolf man and a certain kind of face you've started a forbidden relationship with her, then let the relationship immediately before serving. And know that Allah gives you a way out and the safety of him.

13. Remember! O who seek happiness and try to go to heaven, that it is all in order to obey the commands of God and His commandments.

) من عمل صالحا من ذكر أو أنثى وهو مؤمن فلنحيينه حيوة طيبة (

"Whoever does the charity sholeh, both men and women believe in, then we will give him a good life." (QS An-Nahl: 97)

Remember to leave maksiat more light on the request of the reptile. I remind you the hadith of Rasulullah SAW:

((إذا صامت المرأة خمسها, وصامت شهرها, وحصنت فرجها, وأطاعت بعلها, دخلت من أي أبواب الجنة شاءت))

"When a woman five times prayer, fasting in Ramadan, maintaining kemaluannya and obedient to her husband and he will enter the gates of heaven which he will."

May God grant that can provide guidance to the instructions orng other women menjadikanmu glorious, righteous and pure, decorate yourself with faith and menjadikanmu women sholehah and obedient, and of those who later called on the major events that:

(ادخلوا الجنة لا خوف عليكم ولا أنتم تحزنون (

"Go to Heaven, there is no concern with you and not (also) you grieve." (QS Al-A'raaf: 49)


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