Friday, October 23, 2009

Tour To Karang Bolong beach In Indonesia

Karang Bolong beach
Karang Bolong beach reef ... maybe for a moment we'll see how the physical form of the coastal reefs given the holes .. Once inside this beach visitors will find themselves why this beach is so called ..
This beach is the beach recreation area where there is a large rock which naturally hollow center with arc. one end of the rock on the beach while others facing the sea,. Karang Bolong Most likely this is because due to the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883. At the peak there cupola of this review and the forest as a place to rest while enjoying the sea view.

Karang Bolong beach is located 50 km from Serang town or 140 km from the city of Jakarta, about 11 km towards the south anyer or about 30 km north of Labuan On this beach there are rocks which stood a huge arc. One end of the rock on the beach while others protrude into the sea.

Karang Bolong beach, which lies on the edge of the road makes it easy for visitors to find this beach.

When you're busy, vehicles are required visitor parking lot outside the area which has been provided by the manager. Sand in Karang Bolong Beach is still relatively clean and white. the visitors are usually not empowered to not along the coast, and occasionally soak the feet in the cold seawater.

The icon is certainly the pride of beach rock that is very large in the middle of a hole because the water eroded over a long time. By the management of this beach, some parts of the rock given to the steps, visitors can climb the rock to the top. From the heights on the rock that the visitors can enjoy the sea view.

sea view from the rock struck and very attractive. Peace will once felt when he was on the rocks. Not to mention the gentle sea breeze which kept the hair on my face and so bring coolness.
the visitors can be flexible with the security aspects of management applied by this beach. for visitors who want to spend the night was not to worry, because it is available lodging. Many people who offer different types of food. so visitors do not need to fear the food problem ..
congratulations to enjoy this beach ..


Aris Setiadi said...

Karang Bolong beach is a beautiful beach because I live near the beach.
and the west coast Ayah beach (logending) are no less interesting place to visit...,

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