Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Students in the Adult Video Magetan Residents

Magetan: Society Magetan District, East Java, by porno video made by students, on Wednesday (28 / 1). Tayangan be no more than one-minute scene that shows a pair of lovers who have committed the act outside the moral boundaries.

Scandalize the scene and made a wide circulation through the mobile phone is suspected to be T (15), Hamlet Nglorok citizens, Kelurahan Palace, Maospati District, District Magetan. He is one of the class IX student SMPN 1 Maospati. While the girlfriend is a student at SMU Magetan that identity is not yet known.

Meanwhile, the head SMPN I Maospati, Adi Pramono Nurkijat confess his side feel surprised that a student is forbidden to do so violates the norms of the religion. He added that such practice is the fruit of a lifestyle free of poison the younger generation, especially students.

To anticipate the circulation of pornographic videos of their students, the school merazia students from class VII to class IX SMPN 1 Maospati. However, after the examination is not found any video or image that smell pornography. (IAN / ANTARA)


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