Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The fate of migrant workers in Malaysia, Indonesia Debat Six Caleg

Malaysia - foreign workers issue is always the most crucial issue in bilateral relations between the government of Indonesia and Malaysia. Six caleg the fight in dapil DKI Jakarta 2 was not campaigning to become another race 'defenders' foreign workers.

"This event is the first time in Malaysia conducted by the students. Six caleg of DKI Jakarta Dapil political campaigning with 2 explain their vision, mission, and be operated by panel of experts and dicecar questions from the public. Finally, they tied in the political contract, "said General Chairman of the Indonesian Student Union (PPI) Malaysia Irfan Syauqi Beik Surgery in Caleg Dapil DKI Jakarta 2.

Surgery caleg the theme 'Keeping in WNI Amanah Malaysia' that was held in Kuala Lumpur KBRI, Jalan Tun Razak, Malaysia, Tuesday (27/1/2009).

Sixth caleg are Mohamad Sohibul Iman (MCC), Ade Daud Nasution (PAN), Jerry Sambuaga AK (Golkar), Wawan Syakir Darmawan (Democrat), Zainul Abidin (Hanura Party), and Magfhur Machrodji (PKB).

While experts penelis Political observers, among others, Muhammad Ali UI Berawi, Academics Shobri M Abdul Madjid, President and Migrant Union (UNIMIG) Indonesia Muhammad Iqbal.

Vice Dubes Tatang B Razaq said, bilateral relations between Indonesia and Malaysia still face a crucial problem, especially on foreign workers.

"This is already a compulsory duty of the government to complete, including the legislative duties," his blazing.

He cite, the decision to Malaysia mem-PHK-kan 200 thousand foreign workers gradually related global crisis, 40 thousand of them are migrant workers. To this end, he continued, is that thousands of foreign workers in PHK by the Indonesian embassy and Kuala Lumpur. Most of them are in-PHK can not return home, but be charged penalties and taxes by outsourcing.

"PHK most in the area of the peninsula. I have already reported to Jakarta. Therefore I ask the caleg can also help if the legislation through parliament with the successful entry regulations that make it easier to make foreign workers. the government should also be lobbying Malaysia, let alone any future change of leadership in Malaysia in March, "said Tatang.

On that occasion, Caleg MCC Shohibul According to Iman, in addition to Government efforts diplomacy between the Government of Indonesia and Malaysia, other efforts must be made as to Party Party and People to People to improve the quality of diplomacy.

"For example, representatives-party representatives who are here, can lobby with pamerintah party in Malaysia. So that the results could follow up on the legislative level in Indonesia, "said Iman.

In addition to the defense of foreign workers commitment, sixth caleg also explain a lot about their vision problems terminal 3 foreign workers in Soekarno Hatta Airport, Indonesia-Malaysia relations, and corruption in the parliament.

The event ended with a contract with the political commitment and stand on the issues concerned WNI in Malaysia, which witnessed the Indonesian embassy officials Kuala Lumpur and 300-an WNI present.


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