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Aircraft Insurance ( Aviation Insurance )

Insurance that guarantees damage or loss of aircraft during the flight, mooring, or while on the ground (on the ground). Coverage given to the damage or loss on the fuselage (hull), spare parts (spares),
the responsibility of passengers (passenger legal liability) and liability to third parties (third party liability). Basic guarantee can be extended to the risk of war (war risks), hijacking (hi-jacking) and the other risks (Allied Perils).
Warranties are also available for personal accident insurance (personal accident) and the aircraft crew to pilots who fly liesensi loss (loss of license) due to accident or illness.
In addition, this insurance also provides coverage for liability of owner of airport security over the airport management responsibilities to a third party in the form of reimbursement for material damage and body injuries as a result of airport operations.
Tips to get cheap plane ticket
Note when you will travel. Make sure you do the trip in the Low Season, not when the Peak / High Season. Peak / High Season is usually located in the months filled with vacation time, such as holidays, school holidays, long week end, nor on the possible mi a special event.
" Buy a plane ticket at the airline office or a ticketing agent that you trust. Bew,,are of ticketing agents, sometimes ² agents who "ga clear" is like cheating that resulted in tickets that we buy to be invalid."
"Check availability of the route, destination and hours you want."
"The most important thing after that is ask for the seat (booking) sub-class with the lowest or the so-called class-promo. So usually the aircraft (especially local flights) has 2 class (Business and Economics), but each class was divided into several sub-classes. If you have a limited budget, ask for seats in Economy class with a sub-bottom class sub-class of X (read: X-Ray) or usually called by the class promo. The more lower-class sub, the cheaper the price. ² Now at the peak / high season which I mentioned earlier, this promotion classes usually closed and not available. But there is no harm in you asking."
" After you get the appropriate class, do the ticketing process as usual. Tickets can be only a piece of paper, so do not be surprised if you are given a piece of paper with writing that little transparent. The most important thing is to give your name as complete as possible in accordance with the name listed on your ID (KTP / SIM / Passport)."
" Look back all the data listed on your ticket. Make sure your name and sub-classes that you have correctly printed on the ticket."
" Do not forget to pay your ticket. Save your ticket is properly placed with the normal room temperature."
" Come to the airport 2 hours before departure. Do not let your late and missed the flight"
" The most important thing when you do travel by plane is noticed and obey all the rules established airlines. Do not ever break because it would have been fatal to himself and others."
"Have a nice flight"
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