Sunday, December 27, 2009

Blogger Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnail

If your blog have long posts and you want to help your visitors to find your recent posts quickly, with out spending time browsing you blog searching for your older posts.
you’ll definitely like this widget and you’ll add it to your blog sidebar.
Widget Features
This widget have a lot of customizations and you can:
  • Change Widget Title
  • Control Widget Height
  • Change the feed Blog Url, you can grab the posts from another blog
  • Display post thumbnails
  • Display post summaries
  • Adjust post Summary length
  • Display post date
  • Display the number of comments
  • Display the Read more link
  • Display a Separator b/w the posts
How To set up this widget
It’s very easy to setup this widget,
Please go to your blogger account, And click layout, on the Page Elements page, please click Add A Gadget on your sidebar,
In the new opened window you’ll find a search bar, please insert the following keyword and hit enter “recent posts with thumbnails”,
then in the results you’ll find a widget called : recent posts advanced
then click on ( add ) icon and make sure to click the add icon that next to recent posts advanced widget.
Blogger Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnail
And on the next page, please customize you widget, and once you finish please click Save


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