Friday, October 23, 2009

Tour To Anyer Beach In Indonesia

Anyer Beach In Indonesia
For those of you who feel the need to see a bit of entertainment with a beautiful beach scene, which probably lived in Jakarta, or regions outside Jakarta, is not wrong to choose the attractions in the coastal region anyer. Anyer beach, located 160 kilometers west of Jakarta. Sightseeing in the area of Banten, which can be gone for 2 hours from Jakarta via toll road Jakarta - Merak is,
capable of providing an alternative choice for those who liked the beach tour. View of white sand stretching along the coast near Anyer area, plus a clean sea water, making the atmosphere the mind becomes calm and more relaxed.

Various recreational and sports facilities are complete enough water in this Anyer. Starting from the playground of children, where swimming, sunbathing arena until the tents for souvenir shopping is also available. So if for recreation keluargapun, seems also tepat.anyer1.jpg For the love surfing and playing Jetski was also available. To rent bodyboard we need to pay 5 thousand rupiah (unlimited), or 80 thousand dollars to rent Jetski (for 15 minutes).

If you want to stay, at Anyer beach is also available from the class lodging Motel (150 thousand / night) until the five-star class (2 million / night), which are situated on the edge of the beach. Especially for who want to enjoy Anyer beach at night, after enjoying the sunset on the beach, you can choose from a variety of seafood is available at the stalls along the road at Anyer beach. Of course, all the sea-scented dish majority.


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